Ivan Rival

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Hetje Rival, wife

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Hetje and Ivan developed a strong and loving relationship, and after 27 years of marriage, were the closest and best of friends. They shared a keen interest in the arts, especially of literature and music, and together instilled these values in their children. The couple became world travelers, with Hetje and the children always accompanying Ivan on his sabbatical trips to Europe and Asia. Hetje was Ivan's sounding board for all his projects and invariably part of his scientific, and later, business circles. Besides her continuing interests in the arts, painting especially, Hetje takes great pride and joy in following and supporting her children in their respective endeavours.

Robert Rival, son
Website: www.robertrival.com

David Rival, son
Website: www.rivallab.com

Katia Rival, daughter

Zoltan Rival, father

Zoltan passed away on April 12, 2003 at the Ottawa Hospital. He was 88. Zoltan was born in Czechoslovakia and moved with Edith and their son to Canada in 1951. They settled in Hamilton where Zoltan became a real estate broker. A robust man and natural athlete, Zoltan played tennis into his 80's. His disciplined approach to physical fitness was admirable. Zoltan will be remembered for his warmth, his smile, the way he would throw up his hands and look to the sky when amazed, his expression "Sure, why not?", his good business sense, his sometimes random interjections and his endearing sense of humour. He is greatly missed by his family and close friends.

Edith Rival, mother

Edith passed away on October 21, 2002, in her 78th year, at Elisabeth Bruyere Health Centre in Ottawa after a courageous struggle with cancer of the bone marrow. Edith was born in Czechoslovakia and moved with Zoltan and their son Ivan to Canada in 1951. They settled in Hamilton where Zoltan became a real estate broker and Edith his business secretary. Edith acquired a passion for art and volunteered as a tour guide at the Hamilton Art Gallery. She enjoyed travel, loved photographing (and bragging about) her grandchildren, was a devoted listener of CBC Radio's "Saturday Afternoon at the Opera" and after her move to Ottawa in 1999 became an avid bridge player. Her warm and outgoing personality is greatly missed by her family and close friends.